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CION draws from its platform, a team of experts and Big Data tools, and Machine Learning to provide Cyber Intelligence services.

CION is MNEMO’s division committed to Cyber Intelligence. It is constituted by multi-disciplinary professionals, all with intelligence backgrounds, and with international experience regarding cyber crime and complex investigations.

Our team of analysts draws from several disciplines and employs the methods from diverse states and national defense organizations. This allows us to offer high-quality services that guarantee professional results


The CION platform’s potential enables our Cyber Intelligence services to be more powerful, adaptable and flexible, combining technology and experience.

We have developed our own platform for digital surveillance, cyber investigation management and digital verification. This allows our clients to access the capacity of top-tier intelligence agencies in a simple, adapted, efficient format.

Our Cyber Intelligence R&D team is constantly working on the CION platform to incorporate intelligence engines that provide the platform with advanced capacities, both active and passive.


CION was developed with the purpose of providing our clients with a comprehensive cyber investigating solution that can incorporate technological procedures as well as intelligence protocols to provide reliable results in short periods of time.

CION counts on its advanced platform, developed by MNEMO for digital investigation and management through multiple intelligence engines.

A team of experts regarding intelligence matters (OSINT, HUMINT, etc.) from national defense backgrounds focused on digital and on-field interventions.

CION also incorporates a Big Data and Machine Learning for investigations that can adapt to data and third-party platforms.

A platform for prevention and cyber intelligence that allows us to offer our customers the power of big data, the innovation of the R & D team of MNEMO and the knowledge of the big intelligence agencies to make sure their systems and infrastructures are safe.



We provide continuous surveillance services from open and private sources and cyber investigation by means covert activity.
Targets to be surveilled could be people, organizations, groups, etc.
The service can be delivered in a scheduled fashion or carried out as continued monitoring over an established period of time.

“MNEMO has developed its own technology for executing Cyber Investigation and Cyber Intelligence services based on our experience with complex international investigations in different spheres, as well as the vast reach of our R&D labs and knowledge in deploying Big Data technologies.”


Use of applied intelligence procedures to obtain information from different spheres :

  • Brand data
  • Analytics
  • Competition
  • Digital Market Research (DMR)
  • Industrial
  • Employee Profiling
  • Suppliers

This service can be on time or continuous for a set period of time.

“CION has become the most powerful, innovating and adaptable Cyber Intelligence platform available in the market.”


Digital profile evaluation to determine digital security verification (i.e. hiring procedures).
A service applied to people that evaluates numerous values and assigned degrees of trustworthiness.
Continued monitoring in search of behavioral patterns.
Scheduled service or continued over a preestablished period of time.

“A service applied to people that evaluates numerous values and assigned degrees of trustworthiness.” 


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